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Mozliwość czy przymus leczenia? Anoreksja psychiczna--uregulowania prawne. Opis przypadku.

[[The possibility or coercion treatment? Anorexia nervosa--legal regulations. A case report].]
Psychiatria polska. 
2013 May-Jun
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Anorexia nervosa is diagnosed on the basis of well-defined diagnostic criteria and requires treatment, as it is associated with the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses. In Poland, anorexia nervosa is not considered a mental illness, although the opinion of researchers and clinicians are divided. To reduce the death rate of AN correct and early diagnosis, appropriate treatment starting immediately and the appropriate regulations to allow people to take the AN treatment against their will are necessary. In our work, we presented the treatment of patients with severe mental anorexia with a predominance of restrictive behavior as well as the issue of regulations relating to the compulsory treatment of people with eating disorders.
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