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Complicated billing requirements challenge physical therapy industry, creating inefficiencies and confusion.

Journal of health care finance. 
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This article is designed to explain the subtle differences between the reimbursement requirements for coverage of physical therapy services in physician-based settings under the Medicare benefit policy manual chapter 15--covered medical and other health services. These billing challenges have a profound financial impact on the physical therapy industry. This article includes: (1) a general back ground of the reasons surrounding the increased regulations in the physical therapy industry; (2) general definitions within the physical therapy industry; (3) a discussion of the confusing and complicated bill ing requirements for physical therapy services; (4) a discussion of the "incident to" billing requirements within the physical therapy billing requirements; (5) an explanation of differing rules or policies within the physical therapy billing requirements; and (6) a discussion of why these rules regarding physical therapy billing requirements are essential to the delivery of quality of care within the physical therapy industry.
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