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The role of commercial non-related living kidney transplants.

Journal of nephrology. 
16 Suppl 7:
2003 Nov-Dec
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The motivation for dialysis patients to seek early, even pre-emptive, kidney transplantation from living donors is discussed. In most countries both the waiting time and the numbers of patients awaiting kidney transplantation are increasing. Local geopolitics in Jerusalem have produced a unique window to observe present transplant practices which include widespread international marketing of kidneys from paid living donors. These have been subject of media admonitions and total rejection by professional organizations. In a modern world, traditional medical paternalism to both donors and patients should be balanced by rights for individual autonomy. Since patients, donors and medical professionals are already participating in illicit organ trading, is it not time for us to seriously consider the ethical and logistic implications of legalizing financial remuneration for kidney donation?
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