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Shared decision-making in health care: achieving evidence-based patient choice

Publisher Location:Oxford; New York. 
Oxford University Press.
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Evidence-based medicine is ingrained in the practice of modern medicine. Patient choice is increasingly high on the political agenda. Can the two trends co-exist? This book charts the changing relationship between patients and their health care providers, exploring how the shared decision-making approach can lead to the best outcome.
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Edition2nd ed.
Physical Descriptionxviii, 414 p.: ill.; 25 cm.
ContentsShared decision making in health care : achieving evidence-based patient care / Adrian Edwards and Glyn Elwyn -- International collaboration in promoting shared decision-making : a history and prospects / Margaret Holmes-Rovner and David Rovner -- Patient involvement in decision-making : the importance of a broad conceptualization / Vikki Entwistle -- Shared decision-making : the implications for health care teams and practice / France Légaré and Dawn Stacey -- Evidence-based health care decision-making : roles for health professionals / Dawn Stacey, France Légaré, and Jennifer Kryworuchko -- Evidence-based health care : what roles for patients? / Hazel Thorton -- Using decision-making theory to inform clinical practice / Hilary L. Bekker -- Evidence and risk : the sociology of health care grappling with knowledge and uncertainty / Tim Rapley and Carl May -- Ethical issues around evidence-based patient choice and shared decision-making / Søren Holm and Myfanwy Davies -- The economics of shared decision making / Ivar Sønbø Kristiansen and Dorte Gyrd-Hansen -- The physician-patient encounter : an agency relationship? / Amiram Gafini and Cathy Charles -- Decision-making, power, and the doctor-patient relationship / Madeleine J. Murtagh -- Informed choice : a construct in search of a name / Theresa M. Marteau -- Developing expert patients / Anne Rogers -- Health literacy : achieving consumer "empowerment" in health care decisions / Michelle Edwards, Sophie Hill, and Adrian Edwards -- Conceptual variation and iteration in shared decision-making : the need for clarity / Marla L. Clayman and Gregory Makoul -- Shared decision-making : from conceptual models to implementation in clinical practice / Glyn Elwyn and Cathy Charles -- Values clarification / Hillary A. Llewellyn-Thomas -- Risk communication : making evidence part of patient choices / Adrian Edwards -- Measuring "decision quality" : irresolvable difficulties and an alternative proposal / Glyn Elwyn, Benjamin Elwyn, and Talya Miron-Shatz -- A practical approach to measuring the quality of preference-sensitive decisions / Karen R. Sepucha and Albert G. Mulley -- What's happening around the world? / Angela Coulter -- Medical-legal aspects of evidence-based choice and shared decision-making / Dennis J. Mazur -- Helping consumers with their information needs / Paul Kinnersley and Adrian Edwards. Helping consumers to know their chances / Lisa M. Schwartz, Steven Woloshin, and H. Gilbert Welch -- Making information available to patients and the general public : the example of "Informed health online" from Germany / Hilda Bastian, Marco Knelangen, and Beate Zschorlich -- The role of decision aids in promoting evidence-based patient choice / Annette M. O'Connor and Adrian Edwards -- How effective are patient decision aids? / Dawn Stacey ... [et al.] -- Examining the theoretical foundation of decision support technologies / Marie-Anne Durand and Glyn Elwyn -- Should patient stories be used in decison aids? / Anna Winterbottom and Hilary Bekker -- The role of internet-delivered interventions in self-care / Elizabeth Murray -- Decision analysis : utility for everyday use? / Richard Thomson -- The international patient decision aids standards (IPDAS) collaboration : the checklist, the instrument, and next steps / Glyn Elwyn and Annette O'Connor -- The decision research "lab" / Hilary Llewellyn-Thomas -- Decision aids for preventing cardiovascular disease / Alan Montgomery -- Decision aids in multiple sclerosis / Sascha Köpke and Ingrid Mülhauser -- Decision aids and shared decision-making in inflammatory bowel disease / Anne Kennedy -- Shared decision-making in mental health / Daniela Simon, Celia E. Wills, and Martin Härter -- Decision aids and shared decision-making in menorrhagia / Joanne Protheroe -- Decision aids in diabetes / Matthias Lenz and Ingrid Mülhauser -- Promoting critical reflection in breast cancer decision-making / Jeff Belkora -- Decision support in the treatment of aneurysms of the abdominal aorta / Anne M. Stiggelbout and J. Kievit -- From leaflets to edutainment : the evolution of PSA decision support tools / Rhodri Evans -- Decision support in the treatment of prostate conditions / Michael J. Barry. Decision aids and shared decision-making in mammography screening / Alexandra Barratt and Joan Austoker -- Decision aids to promote shared decision-making for colorectal cancer screening / Carmen Lewis and Michael Pignone -- Shared decision-making in cardiovascular risk management : experiences and challenges / Trudy van der Weijden, Ben van Steenkiste, and Marije S. Koelewijn-van Loon -- Decision aids for MMR vacination / Lyndal Trevena and Julie Leask -- Supporting decisions in clinical genetics / Clara L. Gaff and Bettina Meiser -- A devil's advocate : do patients really want shared decision-making? / Christopher Price -- Barriers and facilitators to implementation of shared decision-making / France Légaré ... [et al.] -- Understanding factors that retard the normalization of decision-support technologies / Carl May ... [et al.] -- Education and training of health care professionals / Angela Towle and William Godolphin -- Decision aids and beyond : the next decade of decision support technologies / Glyn Elwyn ... [et al.] -- Information therapy : tomorrow's promise is happening today : an example from the commercial sector / Donald W. Kemper -- "It's what we do around here" : shared decision making as a future organizational competence / Glyn Elwyn and Adrian Edwards.