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A Social health atlas of South Australia (Online), 2008

Publisher Location:Adelaide, S. Aust.. 
Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU).
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Updates the information on social, economic and health inequalities presented in the earlier editions, and provides a range of new indicators. Show demographic change in population groups, and both improvements in circumstances and evidence of greater inequality. Includes data on Demography, Socioeconomic status, Health status and Use of services. Excel workbooks provides data at the Statistical Local Area (SLA), Health region, Metropolitan Adelaide/ Country SA and State geographic levels. Can also be viewed as maps via the interactive mapping link from the PHIDU website This tool presents maps at the SLA level, with a comparison table showing data for larger geographic areas. In addition, the Interactive mapping notes include a policy context statement for each indicator.
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ContentsMapping contents: Demography and socioeconomic status (data period: btwn 2004 to 2006) -- Health status and risk factors (data period: btwn 2000 to 2007) -- Use of services (data period: btwn 2001 to 2007)