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[Rabies in Poland in 2004]

Przegla̧d epidemiologiczny. 
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In Poland 136 cases of animal rabies were reported in 2004. Mass oral vaccination of wild animals against rabies, which was introduced in 1993, has had a visible positive impact on the epizootic situation of rabies in Poland. In 2004 we observed about a twenty two-fold decrease in number of animal rabies cases in comparison with the year 2001. The outbreak of animal rabies, which started in 2001 in Wielkopolskie voivodeship, was still present. About 30% of rabies cases were reported from this province. Moreover, sources of wild and domestic animal rabies are present in the north-east, east, and south-east of the country. Out of 7 288 persons vaccinated in Poland against rabies, 161 (2%) were bitten by or had contact with a rabid animal. The main reason for vaccination against rabies was exposure to an animal category C--rabies not excluded (6 297 cases, 86%) or category D--animals healthy at the moment of the exposition (830 cases, 11%).
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