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[Informed consent of the family in the chemotherapy for lung cancer]

Nippon Gan Chiryo Gakkai shi. 
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In Japan where the question of cancer notification has yet to be resolved, it is difficult to obtain an informed consent from the patient himself in clinical studies of the chemotherapies for cancer. In fact, the chemotherapy is administered while not enough explanation is given to the family let alone the patient. Such is the present situation. For the purpose of finding out the best possible method at present, we carried out a method whereby an informed consent of the family is substituted for a consent of the patient in phase II study of inoperable non-small cell carcinoma of the lung. As a result, the consent was obtained from 21 (91.3%) out of 23 families. This method should be taken into consideration as a feasible one under the present circumstances. It was in only one family (4.3%) that a consent on the notification of diagnosis from the family to the patient was obtained. In order for the informed consent to be established, efforts to form a social consensus on cancer notification are needed.
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