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Planning for health: the significance of life style.

The International journal of health planning and management. 
1995 Jan-Mar
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The health of a population is related to more than the volume and quality of health services available. Ischaemic heart diseases and cancers are the main causes of death for adults in most developed countries. Partly, these diseases are related to diet and other life style variables. The purpose of this article is to discuss some prevention possibilities related to health practices. Empirical data were collected by means of a questionnaire on health status and 'life style' among long-standing members of a Swedish popular movement for physical culture. The principal question was what could be learned for health planning and management. Genetic factors have lately come more in focus as an explanation of untimely death and disease while, for example, life style has been de-emphasized. There is a risk, thereby, that a purchaser-provider approach, where short-sighted returns are in focus, will give too low a priority to health promotion.
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