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Sexually transmitted diseases: a survey of case management in Malawi.

International journal of STD & AIDS. 
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A national survey of sexually transmitted disease (STD) case management was carried out at 39 health care facilities in Malawi in 1994. Fifty-four health care providers were observed managing 150 patients presenting with selected STD syndromes and 103 providers were interviewed. STD case management was assessed by calculation of WHO/GPA prevention indicators (PIs) from observation data. The overall rate for PI-6, which measures correct assessment and treatment of STD patients was 11% (81% for history taking, 46% in physical examination, and 13% correct antibiotic treatment according to national guidelines). The score for PI-7, which measures overall patient counselling was 29% (65% for partner notification and 40% for condom advice). Although Haemophilus ducreyi is at least as common as Treponema pallidum as the causative agent for genital ulcers, only 16% of patients with genital ulcers were treated effectively for chancroid vs 56% for syphilis. Female patients received less comprehensive care than male STD patients. Only 20% of STD patients were offered condoms. Overall, the survey results support the policy decision to adopt syndromic management of STDs, and provide baseline information for planning and evaluation of a national control programme.
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