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The significance of pelvic ultrasound abnormalities detected on routine ultrasound scanning prior to assisted reproduction.

International journal of fertility and women's medicine. 
1998 May-Jun
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OBJECTIVE: To determine the benefit of screening patients with pelvic ultrasound before commencing treatment with in vitro fertilization or gamete intra-fallopian transfer, as well as before each subsequent treatment cycle was performed. SUBJECTS AND SETTING: Seven hundred and seventy-nine patients who were enrolled in the Royal Hospital for Women Fertility Group assisted reproduction program. METHOD: A retrospective analysis was performed. RESULTS: It was found that the majority of abnormalities were detected by the initial ultrasound. However, ultrasound contributed little to their diagnosis and management. CONCLUSION: As a result of this review of pelvic ultrasound examinations performed, the policy of screening prior to the initial cycle of treatment will be continued to exclude significant ovarian tumors and to identify patients with polycystic ovaries, who are more likely to be stimulated to levels at which there is a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. The policy of screening before each subsequent treatment cycle has been discontinued, since few additional abnormalities were detected.
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