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[(A report of the Citizen Joint Symposium by the Hokkaido Medical Society) cancer--how to inform]

[Hokkaido igaku zasshi] The Hokkaido journal of medical science. 
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The Citizen Joint Symposium on "Cancer--How to Inform" was held by the Hokkaido Medical Society at Hokkaido University Conference Hall on November 11, 1998. Five speakers, including a medical doctor, a nurse, a member of a patient's family, a medical student and a nursing student, presented their experiences and opinions from their own point of view. Dr. F. Takenaka, a medical doctor who had overcome his serious condition as a patient with cancer, also gave a talk on "The Choice of the Doctor Suffered from Cancer." The aim of this symposium was to consider how to support the quality of life of patients with cancer and how the informed consent to be. The opinions from the citizen were collected by the unregistered questionnaire. One of the speakers proposed the objective assessment on the acceptance of the patients. The most concerned for the participants was how to decide the timing and the way to inform each patient with cancer of their disease and condition.
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