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The stigma of burns Perceptions of burned patients' relatives when facing discharge from hospital.

Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries. 
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The objective of this ethnographic study was to investigate the cultural meanings reported by 25 relatives of burned patients about their loved one's impending hospital discharge. Data were collected by means of participant observation and semi-structured interviews conducted during hospital visiting hours, and support group meetings with relatives. The following inter-related phases were considered in the analysis process: reading of the material and data reduction (selection of data using the objective of the study as a guide), data display, conclusion outlining, and verification. Following this process, the data were coded and similar codes were grouped into categories. It was found that the relatives of burned patients felt afraid when faced with the prospect of hospital discharge. Their descriptions reveal the family's feelings and attitudes in face of other people's reactions, and in face of the patient's own reactions in the context of possible changes in their social roles.
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