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[A survey of hospice home care at St. Lazarus Hospice in Krakow, Poland in the years 1994-1997]

Przegla̧d lekarski. 
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Between 1994-1997 the Pain and Palliative Care Out-Patient Clinic founded by the Society of Friends of the Sick Hospicium in Kraków undertook hospice home care of 870 cancer patients. Retrospective evaluation of their files revealed that 48.2% of patients on admission were aware of their diagnosis and 61.2% of families did not discuss it with patients. During that time, 735 home care patients died and 83.5% of them died in their homes. During the same time, among the cancer patients not admitted to hospice home care in the city of Kraków, only 23.7% died at home and the rest in institutions. In spite of demonstrated adequate home care, 16.5% of home care patients were admitted to the local hospital, which suggests the need for stationary hospice or palliative care ward cooperation.
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