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Deceased-donor kidney transplantation in Iran: trends, barriers and opportunities.

Indian journal of medical ethics. 
2007 Apr-Jun
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Having enjoyed considerable success in kidney transplantation in recent years, Iran has been named the most active country in the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation region in providing equitable quick, and intermediary-free access to affordable kidney transplantation for everyone regardless of gender and economic circumstances. We are, however, of the opinion that the Iranian model can benefit further from improving deceased-donor kidney transplantation, especially after a fatwa (Islamic edict) in the early 1980s lifted many religious and legal barriers. Deceased-donor kidney transplantation in Iran should be bolstered by establishing a transplantation model, increasing government funds, and encouraging participation of the general public in the Iranian Network for Transplant Organ Procurement. We recommend that an intensive media campaign be launched to heighten public awareness and more transplantation centres be involved in cadaveric transplantation with streamlined systems of cadaveric donations registration so as to facilitate the process of finding and relating the donors with potential recipients.
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