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Ekologicheskie i éticheskie problemy okhrany reproduktivnogo zdorov'ia naseleniia.

[[Ecological and ethical issues related to the protection of population reproductive health].]
Vestnik Rossiĭskoĭ akademii meditsinskikh nauk / Rossiĭskaia akademiia meditsinskikh nauk. 
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The legal and ethical issues related with the protection of population reproductive health, under the conditions of anthropogenic contamination of the environment, including the labor environment, are discussed in the article. A concept of pregnancy planning to ensure a healthy posterity under the mentioned conditioned was formulated. Documents of WHO, ILO and the EU experience in dealing with the issues in question are illustrated. An increasing role of social labor measurement as well as the evolution of law, i.e. civil, labor, and social law, as well as the right to unified medical-and-social insurance, are in the focus of attention. The prospects for a new WHO-ICF classification, as a social UNO classification, are pointed out. The sensitivity--susceptibility--vulnerability chain was analyzed, and a growing social context was underlined in it. The individual and team risks were considered, and the Code of professional ethics of hygienists was paid attention to.
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