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Social and ethical implications of genomics, race, ethnicity, and health inequities.

Seminars in oncology nursing. 
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OBJECTIVES: To review ethical, ethnic/ancestral, and societal issues of genetic and genomic information and technologies in the context of racial and ethnic health disparities. DATA SOURCES: Research and journal articles, government reports, web sites. CONCLUSION: As knowledge of human genetic variation and its link to diseases continues to grow, some see race and ethnicity well poised to serve as genetic surrogates in predicting disease etiology and treatment response. However, stereotyping and bias in clinical interactions can be barriers to effective treatment for racial and ethnic minority patients. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: The nursing profession has a key role in assuring that genomic health care does not enhance racial and ethnic health inequities. This will require utilization of new genomic knowledge and caring for each patient as an individual in a culturally and clinically appropriate manner.
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