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Fact or wishful thinking? Biased expectations in "I think I look better when I'm tanned".

American journal of health behavior. 
2008 May-Jun
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OBJECTIVE: To examine the impact of tanned female images on respondents' perceptions of attractiveness, healthiness, and height and weight estimations. METHOD: A 3 (light, medium, or dark tan) by 2 (male or female respondent) experimental design. RESULTS: Only male respondents perceived the dark-tanned woman as more physically attractive and thinner than both light- and medium-tanned women. Men also perceived the dark-tanned woman as more interpersonally attractive and healthier than the medium-tanned woman. CONCLUSIONS: Campaigns targeted at males need to reduce the perceptions that tanned females are healthier, thinner, and more attractive. Educational efforts targeting females need to reduce attraction-based motivations.
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