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Postmortem parenthood and the need for a protocol with posthumous sperm procurement.

Fertility and sterility. 
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OBJECTIVE: Posthumous sperm procurement involves harvesting gametes from a recently deceased man for cryopreservation and future use in ART. This paper discusses the practical and ethical role of posthumous sperm procurement in medical practice and society and submits possible solutions, including the establishment of formal policies and protocols. DESIGN: English-language literature review and bioethical discussion. RESULT(S): In the United States, an increase in requests and protocols has been documented. International requests and regulation are variable. CONCLUSION(S): Posthumous sperm procurement is fraught with ethical dilemmas, including informed consent, privacy, inheritance, and child welfare. To establish appropriate medical practice, it is important to consider all stakeholders in the decision-making process. We believe that an acceptable and ethical resolution can be obtained only through the collaborative input of all involved parties. We have looked to U.S. and international sources for guidance in current practice and to gain insight into the formulation of future policies.
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