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[Attitude of health personnel to organ donation and transplantation]

La Tunisie médicale. 
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It was shown that the rate of organ donation depends not only on the attitudes of the public but also of the predisposition of the health care staff. An opinion poll has interested 702 physicians, nurses and technicians. It comes out from this study that 59% of the sample are favorable to the organ donation. The reason of the most quoted acceptance is "humane reason" (46%). Concerning the refusal of the organ donation by the professionals of health, 3 reasons are held: (i) religious reserves (26.4%), (ii) without reasons (22.8%) and (iii) personal reasons (20.9%). For approximately 10% of the doctors the refusal is ethical. In conclusion, the Tunisian physicians adopt an attitude favorable to the organ donation, whereas nurses and technicians are rather reticent. Refusal reasons identified during this study could direct the organizers of the public awareness campaigns for the promotion of organs donation.
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