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[Social and healthy circumstances of women's decision about applying hormonal replacement therapy]

Wiadomości lekarskie (Warsaw, Poland : 1960). 
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The aim of the study was to evaluate the frequency of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) application among Polish women aged 40-65, patients of five selected health care institutions located in south-eastern Poland and to determine the most significant factors that influence women's decision to initiate HRT. The next purpose was to establish how the women learned about the possibility of receiving HRT. Women, who never decided to take sex hormones, were asked about the reasons of such decision. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study comprised a group of 1033 women aged 40-65 years living in south-eastern Poland, the patients of various hospital wards and outpatient clinics. The study was conducted from January 2003 to December 2004 using categorized interview technique. The interview questionnaire was constructed by the authors. The statistical analysis was performed on the basis of the chi2 test of independence; log-linear analysis and Pareto's analysis were also used. RESULTS: Research result analysis proves that 30.5% of the examined women have used HRT currently or in the past. The sociodemographic and healthy variables that showed positive correlation with receiving hormonal treatment by midlife women were: age 51-65 years, the presence of climacteric ailments, the absence of monthly bleedings, possessing of permanent life partner and good self-estimation of one's financial status. It was not revealed that better educated women more frequently decide to take HRT. The main sources of women's knowledge about HRT were the mass media and health service employees. Among the reasons for not taking up hormonal treatment the most significant were: lack or small intensification of menopausal ailments as well as the fear of side effects of hormonal replacement therapy.
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