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[Episiotomy: focusing women's view]

Revista brasileira de enfermagem. 
2007 Mar-Apr
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Enough scientific evidences exist for the recommendation of the abolition of the used episiotomia in a liberal way. With objective of identifying the vision of a group of post-partum women in relation to the episiotomy it was done a study of qualitative approach, with the participation of 20 women, in the postpartumn period. It was used for data collection a semi-structured tool applied from April to June, 2004. The results were analyzed based in thematic analysis. The women's ignorance was verified in relation to the episiotomy and on their own body; although, they did not receive information, in any moment that this is a selective intervention, indicating the need of knowledge amplification and of the ransom of the woman's autonomy in the childbirth process and birth.
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