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EthicShare Account

Setting up an EthicShare account is very easy. The instructions below provide detailed help on the specifics of setting up the different parts of your account and on its various features. 

EthicShare Account Help:

Creating a Free Account

To create a free account, click the Create A Free Account link (also found in the header above) and fill out the form. You must create a username and provide an e-mail address.  After submitting the form you will receive an email with your password and other information. Use that information to sign in.

Editing Your Account Preferences

Once you have an EthicShare account, you can edit and update your preferences in several different sections: Account Preferences, Directory Profile, Feature & System Alerts, Research Study Consent, and Search Preferences.

Account Preferences

In this area, you can edit your username, e-mail address, and password.  You can also add a picture to your profile.

You can also check off on some additional settings:

  1. Contact Settings
    • This box, "Personal Contact Form," is checked on by default.  This means that other EthicShare users can contact you by clicking on your name and filling out a form.  Your e-mail address will not be displayed.  If you do not want to be contacted by other users (site administrators will still be able to contact you if necessary), you may uncheck this box.
  2. Activity Privacy Settings
    • When you are logged on to EthicShare, the site tracks your activity by default (including individual citations viewed and groups visited) and displays it for you.  The display includes links, so that you can easily go back to places that you were previously.  However, if you would prefer that EthicShare not track your activity, you may check the box "Do not reecord my site activity."

Directory Profile

In this section, you can update your first and last names, organization, organization department/unit, and your interests.  None of this information is required.  You can also choose whether or not to include your profile in the public user directory.

Feature & System Alerts

By default, you will receive occasional news and feature updates from the EthicShare team.  If you wish to not have these e-mails sent to you, check the box in this section.

Research Study Consent

The EthicShare team occasionally undertakes research studies on the use of the EthicShare site.  This section of your account has a box that you can check if you are willing to participate in these studies, and provides some information on what that means.  Visit the "User Research" page under the About tab for more information.

Search Preferences

In this section, you can identify an instititution that you are affliated with.  The institution is usually the university or organization that you use to access research materials.  This will allow EthicShare to link you to your licensed resources if they are available electronically.  If you do not see your institution, contact us at to see about adding it.

For more information on accessing materials found in EthicShare, visit the "Accessing EthicShare Materials" help page.

"My Home"

After you sign into EthicShare as a registered user, the home page tab becomes a "My Home" tab, a personal home page for you. From this page, there will still be the same resources that were on the home page before you signed in, including recent news articles, upcoming events, and your recent activity.  Watch for more features to be added to your home page in the future.