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Accessing EthicShare Materials

At the heart of EthicShare lies its collection of scholarly materials.  However, EthicShare generally provides only bibliographic information, much like PubMed and other bibliographic databases.  The EthicShare team has recognized the importance to the research community of gaining access to the full text of these materials, and has developed methods for providing that access when possible:

  1. Many items are available for free through the publisher.  If this is the case, the EthicShare citation will contain a link below the title, author, etc. and above the record source and abstract that states "Full Text Available on Publisher Website."  Click this link to see an example of an item with this method of access.
  2. All items feature a "Find In a Library" link on the upper right corner of the item record that looks like this: Find In a Library.  Clicking on this icon takes the citation information from EthicShare and uses it to check for access through a local library. Another browser window or tab will open, displaying links for access that may prompt you for your institutional log-in.
    • Your local library is automatically configured using your IP address.
    • You can set a Library Link Preference in your settings if you are a registered user, allowing you to get to your home institution's materials even if you are off campus.

Other options:

  • You may also be able to find the full text of EthicShare articles pulled from Pubmed via PubMed Central (PMC), an online repository of full text manuscripts, and other free full text mechanisms.  EthicShare does not currently link directly to PMC full text, but you can check to see if it's available by clicking on "PubMed" if you see the the phrase "[Record Source: PubMed]" in the EthicShare citation.  That will take you directly to the citation in Pubmed, where you can check to see if there is free full text available by looking for the icon in the upper right corner of the Pubmed record.  Click here for an example of an article in EthicShare that can be accessed in this way.   
  • PubMed also utilizes link resolvers and other methods to help you gain access to full text that may work when EthicShare's methods do not.  For more information on these possibilities, please visit PubMed Help: How to Get the Journal Article
  • There are also features that may help you gain access to the materials (often books) that EthicShare pulls in from WorldCat.  If an item record has the phrase "[Record Source: WorldCat]", you can click on the WorldCat link and see what libraries near you have a copy (and you can submit alternative zipcodes).  There are also options available for you to purchase the material, if you desire.

Unfortunately, even with all these options, it is not possible to guarantee access for every EthicShare user to every item easily.  If your library does not subscribe to a particular journal, for instance, you may have to use other means, such as interlibrary loan, to get access.

If you have additional questions or would like further clarification of the ways in which EthicShare can provide access to the items in its collections, please contact