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03/18/2019 - 3:22pm
Get ready for a menu of lab-grown steaks, "bleeding" plant burgers, and cricket smoothies - w comments from our Ruth Faden and Jess Fanzo
03/18/2019 - 1:52pm
In a recent editorial, the clinical lead for organ donation in the UK and an Australian law professor opine: "Although the medical criteria and their...
03/18/2019 - 1:33pm
Surgeon Henry Heimlich is best known for inventing a way to rescue choking victims, but a quarter-century ago, he was vilified for promoting a fringe...
03/18/2019 - 1:29pm
The U.S. government claimed that turning American medical charts into electronic records would make health care better, safer, and cheaper. Ten years...
03/18/2019 - 1:26pm
Fertility laws compel clinics to destroy frozen eggs after a decade, irrespective of a woman’s age
03/18/2019 - 1:21pm
The operation is a daring one: To replace a failing heart valve, cardiologists insert a replacement through a patient’s groin and thread it all the...